Yuuko Hattori
Name Yuuko Hattori
Kanji 服部 ゆう子
Romaji Hattori Yūūko
Gender Female
Race Human
Unusual Features Scar on neck
Affiliation Hattori Family
Occupation Junko Hattori's sister
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Status Active
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Yuuko Hattori (服部 ゆう子Hattori Yūko) or Yuri Hoshino (星野 ゆり / Hoshino Yuri) is Junko Hattori's younger sister who lives a double life as the popular teen idol Yuri Hoshino. She was bitten by a demon beast in her younger years, and bears a scar on the left side of her neck. It reacts to a demon beast's mana whenever she is near one, causing her to be in pain. Despite this, she is very eager to beat them whenever she encounters one.


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