Well, since I'm starting my own official anime club and all, i might as well write down come sort of checklist or just a normal note so that i won't forget what i need to do. If you really knew me, i don't really remember to do anything, i so try and try to do all of this. Well, here i go!

  • Requirements
  • I'll need to come with a name of course, i can't be known and unknown at the same time. Coming up with names isn't really my specialty but i'm willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top of the mountain.
  • I must find some very good staff members, and co-head of the club. Vice presidents are MOST LIKELY to be smarter than the head person, and they have more open suggestions towards you. Very smart people are hard to find...
  • I have to come up with meeting times and a club symbol. Most people inheret their club symbol after the main source, but i want to be really originated with this, so i have to come up with different things so i'll know what exactly is going on.
  • I've got to find better ways at broadcasting myself, just sitting here and doing nothing isn't going to help me, i'll need to work overtime until i get at least some of society to notice me

Well, that is all....( for now..... )

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