Lily Shiraishi
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Name Lily Shiraishi
Kanji リリィ 白石
Romaji Riryi Shiraishi
Gender Female
Race Human
Unusual Features No unusual features noted.
Affiliation Constant Magic Academy
Occupation Student Council President
Goal No goal known.
Status Alive
Debut Episode 1
English Voice Hilary Haag
Seiyuu Ryō Hirohashi
Lily Shiraishi (リリィ 白石 Riryi Shiraishi) is the Student Council President of Constant Magic Academy.


Lily is a petite girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is always seen to be wearing a dark, pointed witch's hat with a face on it that appears to have reactions to Lily's current mood. For example, when 2V called Lily a "little kid", the hat's face had a malevolent expression as Lily was growing in anger. She wears the normal female uniform of the academy along with a red scarf that falls into three parts that end in yellow, flame - like patterns which extend down to her ankles.


Lily often has a cool and calm state of mind. She is very strict about following rules and, as the leader of the student council, will, without hesitation, punish almost anyone who defies them. Despite this, she develops feelings for Akuto, and is the first girl to show it. While Lily often prevents the government from acting against Akuto, she has also stated she would kill him if he fulfills his duty as the Demon King and tries to destroy society.

Lily blushing before kissing Akuto.

In the manga, she initially challenges and defeats Akuto, and makes him train at her house while the other girls serve as maids. In the anime and in the light novel however, she is much more kind and caring, only hitting Akuto if she needs to get a point across. In the manga she is also married to Akuto along with Kena Soga,Junko Hattori,Korone,Fujiko Eto in Volume 5 Chapter 50.


Lily is a very capable fighter and mage; her powers include extending her arms and perform devastating punches to multiple opponents simultaneously. She is also seen to be very enduring.


Akuto Sai


Kanna Kamiyama

Michie Otake



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